ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Stage Play Gets New Schedule for September 2020



The official web site for ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Stage de DOOON!, the stage play adaptation of the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA anime collection, is newly set to be carried out at Sogetsu Corridor in Tokyo 4 occasions on September 5 and 6, 2020. The play was initially set for March 2020 however has been postponed as a result of COVID-19 outbreak. 


Identical because the March 2020 performances, Yu Murai (RICE on STAGE Love Kome) is connected to write down and direct, and the seven authentic solid members are nonetheless listed within the lineup. Advance gross sales of the tickets might be obtainable on the play's official web site between July 17 and 26.




詳細はこちら???? https://t.co/nGc77fyIeJ#ゾンビランドサガ #ゾンステ pic.twitter.com/9sJZ06ATNc

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A collection of brief clips to point out how the seven important solid members reacted to the information might be posted on-line for seven consecutive days from right now. The primary one is Sakiho Motonoshi, who’s solid because the protagonist Sakura Minamoto. She was glad to verify that the unique solid members will return together with herself. 




???? 舞台キャストの上演決定リアクション動画公開????
本日は源さくら役 #本西彩希帆 さん!
上演が決定した時の喜びの瞬間を皆さんにお届け????✨ https://t.co/kemoBvHaFV

9月5日・6日上演!会場&あにてれ独占配信チケット発売中 ????
????https://t.co/nGc77fyIeJ#ゾンビランドサガ #ゾンステ pic.twitter.com/DVm3ZOq6dU

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