Yusuke Saeki Gets His Groove on in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS OP Song MV



Marvelous' official YouTube channel has began streaming a three-and-half minute music video for 33-year-old singer-songwriter Yusuke Saeki's sixth single tune "Nanananananana," which has been featured because the OP theme tune for the TV anime Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS since April. Considering the prevention of the unfold of the COVID-19, the video was filmed by minimal employees at his dwelling utilizing a complete of 16 cameras.


Saeki grew up in an atmosphere crammed with soul and R&B music from an early age. After a profitable profession as a songwriter collaborating with Kana Nishino and Could J, he made his solo singer debut in July 2012. His earlier solo single songs had been used because the theme songs for Yowamushi Pedal and Dr.STONE. His sixth single tune "Nanananananana" is scheduled to be launched in Japan on September 9, 2020.



"Nanananananana" MV




「遊☆戯☆王SEVENS」のOP主題歌としてお馴染み! #佐伯ユウスケ さんの「ナナナナナナナ」のミュージックビデオが『マーベラス公式チャンネル』にて公開????✨✨

▼「ナナナナナナナ」MVhttps://t.co/TNi3SveUQD#SEVENS #yugioh #遊戯王 #ラッシュデュエル

— アニメ「遊☆戯☆王」公式 (@yugioh_anime) August 14, 2020



"Now or By no means" (1st single/February 15, 2017 launch/Yowamushi Pedal NEW GENERATION ED):



"Yume no Youna" (fifth single/November 20, 2019 launch/Dr.STONE 2nd cour ED):



Supply: Marvelous official YouTube channel


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