Why Luffy vs Enel Is The Peak Of An Early One Piece Trend


All through many early One Piece arcs, a working theme is that Luffy is punching a little bit bit above his weight class. The angle of so many early, established villains is mainly: “Who does this little backwater, rubber hick assume he’s standing as much as me?” And typically, Luffy actually could be. And so he typically wins fights not by way of pure energy however as a result of he is in a position to neutralize a villain’s particular benefit in a cool method.


He beats Buggy when Nami ties up the clown’s torso and limbs, successfully decreasing Buggy’s assault energy by no matter share of physique he is lacking. Captain Kuro is tremendous quick and his Freddy Krueger arms are tremendous sharp, so Luffy curls round him like a loud python, guaranteeing that Kuro cannot actually swipe at him and in addition cannot evade him. Later, in Alabasta, Luffy will get whooped by Crocodile of their first combat. Of their second combat, he makes use of water for a bit to truly land a punch. And eventually, of their final battle, Luffy is bleeding a lot that his hits are lastly Tremendous Efficient. 



Then, we’ve Skypiea, wherein Luffy takes on Enel, a personality that looks like an absurd leap in energy from something we have seen earlier than. The entire East Blue tyrants and wannabe Warlord conquerers pale compared to a person who considers himself a god, can management lightning, and might inform what transfer you are gonna make earlier than you make it. I’ve used this comparability earlier than, however it’s like if you’re taking part in The Witcher III and also you determine to veer out of your quest to go take a look at some treasure on the map and also you run right into a monster that simply immediately decapitates you. The Straw Hats ought to’ve accomplished some grinding on the Grand Line earlier than difficult Enel. However now they’re there, going through him down, and realizing, oh no, they have not saved their sport since Jaya.


Nevertheless, I bear in mind the primary time I watched the Skypiea arc and at the back of my head the entire time, I believed, “Nicely, Luffy’s rubber, and if I recall appropriately from the place I realized most of my science from (a scene from the Academy Award-winning 1999 movie Deep Blue Sea starring LL Cool J and LL Cool J’s fowl), rubber does not conduct electrical energy.” However there is not any method that Eiichiro Oda would try this, proper? That may be so humorous and foolish and superior and … “


Enel in One Piece




The second that Enel realizes that his assault did not work on Luffy is famous, and possibly essentially the most memorable response in all the sequence. The combat would final for a short time longer, with Luffy punching a wall and permitting his arms to bounce again randomly in order that Enel cannot predict the place the fists are coming from. That is the height of early One Piece exhibiting that, sure, to outlive on the Grand Line, you have to some brute power. However luck and ingenuity play a component in it, too. 


The subsequent massive saga (Water 7/Enies Foyer) would introduce Luffy’s escalating Gear methods, and later, he’d achieve the power to make use of Armament Haki and be capable of merely punch his method by way of anybody not at present manufactured from individual flesh. And whereas Luffy would typically stay the underdog, these achievements would even the taking part in discipline a bit. That is a really totally different type of fight storytelling, however this modification does replicate the story of the Straw Hats slowly rising notoriety and changing into well-known (and even feared) within the pirating world.


Enel in One Piece


So the combat in opposition to Enel type of represents the top of a selected model of One Piece, an exquisite and cartoonish conclusion to Luffy persistently successful fights that many might argue he ought to’ve misplaced. After this, he’d come to invent methods to actively improve his energy throughout fights and cost himself as much as the caliber of his opponents. However in Skypiea and earlier than, he was simply Monkey D. Luffy, an unknown child that wished to be King of the Pirates.


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