What Makes Yusuke vs Toguro So Special In Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho’s Darkish Match arc is among the most well-regarded match arcs in anime historical past for quite a lot of causes. The battles are copious, but every one at all times manages to really feel memorable. The preventing is commonly uniformly intense, however each contest shows the distinctive strengths of every most important character. And although there are dozens of combatants, the match itself is consistently heating as much as the boiling level that’s Yusuke vs Youthful Toguro.

It’s this rivalry, one which began when Yusuke and Kuwabara clashed with Toguro on the finish of the earlier arc, that offers the Darkish Match its spine. However wait — in the event that they’ve already fought as soon as (a battle which resulted in Toguro’s loss) why are we so concerned with seeing it once more? Shouldn’t that take away a few of the stakes? Within the arms of a much less gifted creator, in all probability. However Yoshihiro Togashi is well-known for revitalizing tropes and ideas and his dealing with of Yusuke and Toguro is not any completely different.


See, when Toguro admits after his defeat that he wasn’t utilizing his full energy (after which goes on to show the next degree of power, destroying a constructing within the Human World) he awakens one thing in each combatants. Yusuke not often shies away from a battle, so Toguro’s elevated power is each a curiosity for him and likewise a supply of hysteria. The boldness that he ought to have after beating Toguro with Kuwabara is wiped away and is as a substitute changed by one thing extra private — a longing to check himself. 

On the flip facet of that is Toguro. Whereas he serves a form of “employed gun” function within the final arc and to the organizers of the Darkish Match, he additionally brims with a secret want. As we’ll see afterward within the match, a lot of Toguro’s life has been consumed by the hunt to change into stronger, and it’s a quest that’s triggered him to lose lots of the mates and relationships that he as soon as held expensive. So whereas Yusuke seeks to verify his rising may, Toguro seeks to quelch his need for it. He desires to be overwhelmed at full power by Yusuke, as he senses that Yusuke has the potential to kill him in an honorable means. 


Nevertheless, solely one in every of these characters, Toguro, is aware of absolutely about this dynamic. When Yusuke discovers that Toguro has killed his teacher Genkai, Yusuke is unable to really feel something however the thirst for revenge. Despite the fact that Toguro tells him that they was companions, he received’t hear. So Yusuke is unaware for a very long time that each members of the battle truly need him to win. Toguro received’t go simple on Yusuke, in fact, however it turns their last battle right into a little bit of an absolution. If Toguro could be overwhelmed, Yusuke will avenge Genkai and Toguro will avenge … nicely, himself kinda. 

The battle itself is a dramatic and brutal showdown, with Toguro pretending to kill Kuwabara midway via to awaken an additional degree of Yusuke’s depth. This, nonetheless, is simply one other admittance of the truth that Yusuke has choices that Toguro doesn’t. Yusuke has mates to battle for — private ties that may hold him from a path of purely wanting to extend his energy. In the meantime, Toguro has lengthy since deserted issues like this. Principally, Toguro is overwhelmed as a result of Yusuke has these relationships to lend him power — particular power that no quantity of match wins and coaching might’ve given him. 


In the long run, Genkai crosses paths with Toguro within the Underworld, the place Toguro has requested probably the most final type of torture and punishment as the best way to spend his eternity. Each Genkai and Koenma really feel in favor of one thing a bit much less harsh for Toguro, however Toguro refuses and apologizes for his actions, lastly freed from his personal emotional burdens. He even admits that perhaps issues might’ve been completely different.

That’s the place Toguro’s journey ends, with him absolutely realizing that there’s extra to life than energy. And that’s why Yusuke vs Toguro is so particular, as a result of it’s a case the place the hero seeks revenge and the villain seeks peace. 

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