Wasteland 3 Character Builds: Attributes and Skills to choose for your starting party

Constructing your beginning character may be the toughest a part of an RPG. With no really feel for a way the sport performs out, how are you imagined to know what expertise and attributes will come in useful?

We’ve all been there. Grand plans of taking part in a suave gunslinger, crushed by fixed talent checks for hacking computer systems, choosing locks, and therapeutic your allies.

Wasteland 3 is slightly completely different, in which you can create a complete social gathering of Rangers to assist one another’s strengths and spherical out their weaknesses. However, this additionally has the potential to create dreaded selection paralysis – there are a ton of important expertise, and choosing the improper attributes for a personality can go away them in a wierd spot.

We’ll run by way of each single attribute and talent in Wasteland 3, so you recognize what you’re signing up for whenever you construct your first character.

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Wasteland Three Attributes
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Wasteland Three Character Construct Information:


Initially of the sport, you’re requested to construct two new characters or decide from an inventory of prebuilt inventory. Whereas the prebuilt characters look enjoyable and have banter with one another, customized characters are the place it’s at.

In Wasteland 3, as characters achieve ranges and progress they achieve factors in two predominant areas: attributes and expertise.

Loosely, attributes govern the character’s innate bodily and psychological skills – like Energy and Intelligence – whereas expertise govern issues they be taught – like weapon proficiency and first support.

Throughout your crew, you need to get a superb combine of various sorts of characters with completely different sorts of skills – and it’s fairly straightforward to cowl just about all the bases if you recognize what you’re doing.


Wasteland Three Attributes


There are 7 attributes in Wasteland 3: Coordination, Luck, Consciousness, Energy, Pace, Intelligence, Charisma.

Every one is highly effective in its personal proper, however there are ones that it’s best to favour particularly builds. And though some appear instantly much less helpful, you’d be shocked by their utility.

You get 14 attribute factors to spend at the beginning of the sport. This is sufficient to construct a extremely specialised character proper from the off – which I’d suggest doing – with some much less essential attributes dropped right down to 1 and the remainder of your 14 factors positioned strategically.

Each time you stage up you’ll get one other attribute level to spend, so in case you resolve you need to change tack in a while, you are able to do that. A veritable Homer Simpson with 1 Intelligence is usually a 10 Intelligence Einstein by the top of the sport with sufficient funding.


No matter what sort of character you need to make, Coordination is crucial attribute in Wasteland 3.

It governs your motion factors, which decide how a lot you are able to do in battle – and also you’ll do lots of battling in Wasteland 3. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that it’s best to simply dump all of your factors into Coordination proper from the beginning.

Even with actually excessive Coordination, characters with cumbersome weapons like heavy melee and snipers virtually received’t be capable of hearth a couple of shot per flip. Which means that to a sure extent, the additional factors in Coordination can be wasted (despite the fact that they can be utilized to maneuver round rather a lot).

A superb rule of thumb that comes from the Wasteland Three builders is to stay to the 2-4-6-Eight marks for Coordination, as a result of these are the break factors the place you get extra actions. Then in case you’re feeling restricted, you possibly can enhance this whenever you stage up.

To start out out, I’d suggest Four Coordination in case you’re constructing a sluggish melee consumer or sniper, and 6 in case you’re leaning extra in the direction of lighter ranged weapons or brawling. This lets the previous swing as soon as and transfer per flip, with the previous getting off two photographs per flip.


The Luck attribute actually has the potential to go underappreciated, for the reason that share probability to set off at low ranges isn’t very spectacular. Nevertheless when fortunate actions do pop up, they will actually flip the tide of a battle.

Which means that Luck perhaps isn’t what you need to deal with within the early sport, however is an effective selection for spending your stage up factors on.

Moreover, Luck grants you further penetration. This feeds into Wasteland 3’s armour system, the place each assault is put up in opposition to its goal’s armour score. If the armour score is larger than a weapon’s penetration, then it does diminished injury.

Subsequently you need excessive penetration to take advantage of out of your assaults. Take into account including Luck to bladed melee, small arms, and brawling builds to reinforce their offensive capabilities.


Subsequent up, Consciousness is most essential for ranged characters as a result of it buffs their common hit probability in addition to ranged injury. This makes it a go-to attribute for small arms, snipers, and computerized weapon characters.

Notion lets you discover hidden loot and traps within the surroundings, which comes up surprisingly typically, nevertheless it’s the opposite bonuses you’re actually after.

When you’re rocking a gun, then your beginning character desires at the least 3-Four Consciousness.


You may suppose Energy is only for melee characters however, in addition to buffing melee injury and throwing vary, it governs your well being too.

Not solely do excessive Energy characters have extra well being, however they achieve extra well being per stage up as properly – so it’s clever to put money into Energy early in case you’re going to in any respect to get the largest profit.

Due to the impact on a personality’s well being pool, the Wasteland Three builders advise that no characters ought to have lower than Four Energy by the top of the sport. However I’ve gotten away with beginning at 2 on ranged characters with respectable armour.


Whereas a lot of the different attributes are fairly straightforward to explain, Pace is slightly harder to pin down.

Initiative is your character’s probability to react once they’re shocked by an ambush and take a fight flip instantly. This occurs rather a lot, and it’s normally higher to shoot first and ask questions later.

Excessive fight velocity permits you to transfer additional per motion level in battle, so isn’t an enormous buff to anybody apart from melee characters.

Evasion is nice although, primarily providing you with extra well being and armour with out having to put money into Energy.

All of this comes collectively to make Pace an important attribute for melee characters – each blunt and bladed – in addition to First Aiders, and small arms customers due to their low vary.

Purpose for about 3-Four Pace on these sort of characters.


When you’re fishing for essential hits, then Intelligence is the way in which to go.

When you additionally get an additional talent level for each 2 factors of Intelligence, in case you’re constructing a Sniper, then pop some factors into Intelligence to profit from your photographs.


Lastly, Charisma is one other attribute that’s straightforward to disregard however can have some large advantages.

If you wish to make a frontrunner character, then it’s a good suggestion to take a position early to get the largest repay from the expertise boosts. Or you might simply as simply position play a personality rising right into a management position by putting factors in Charisma as you go.

Strike charge is the velocity at which your character’s Strike particular transfer fees. That is an extremely highly effective hit that may additionally apply debuffs to enemies. Dishing these out liberally would make up for sacrifices in different areas, however isn’t completely dependable.

I usually choose to prioritise different expertise, however Charisma remains to be an attention-grabbing choice.


Wasteland Three Instance Beginning Builds


For well-rounded utility, you might all the time put each attribute at 3. Nevertheless, you may discover that your character is lacklustre at every thing within the early sport.

Typically, I’ve discovered success making extra specialised characters early and rounding them out as I am going.

As an example, a beginning heavy melee character might have:

Wasteland Three Heavy Melee Instance Construct

Attribute identifyAttribute Worth


Luck 1




Intelligence 1


Or a beginning computerized weapons consumer might have:

Wasteland Three Automated Weapon Instance Construct

Attribute identifyAttribute Worth


Luck 1




Intelligence 1



Wasteland Three Expertise


There are tons of expertise to select from in Wasteland 3, and with out taking part in the sport first it’s robust to know which crop up greater than others.

Curiously, a personality’s attributes don’t bar them from getting sure expertise. A 1 Intelligence character can have excessive Nerd Stuff for instance.

Earlier than we undergo them individually, it’s value saying that it’s best to keep away from making a jack of all trades, grasp of none. Since you’ve received 6 social gathering members to spec out, be certain each focuses on not more than 3-Four expertise over a lot of the sport.

Don’t fear about lacking expertise along with your unique two builds – you possibly can fill out the remainder of your social gathering quickly and fill within the gaps.

By doing this you’ll be capable of go most talent checks and go away the minimal quantity of content material on the desk throughout a single playthrough.

The abilities that seem most frequently, in tough order of significance:

Fight expertise
Kiss Ass
Arduous Ass
Nerd Stuff
Animal Whisperer
First Help
Sneaky Shit

Attempt to not double up although. As an example, if you would like a sweet-talking Kiss Ass perhaps don’t make them your Arduous Ass too. This implies if you wish to swap them out later you don’t lose all your dialogue expertise.

Fight Expertise – Automated Weapons, Huge Weapons, Brawling, Melee, Small Arms, Sniper Rifles

Each character wants a fight talent, since there’s a lot fight in Wasteland 3. Nevertheless, try to get a superb unfold throughout your characters, as a result of all of them draw from the identical restricted ammo pool.

When you’re all chewing by way of 5.56 assault rifle ammo, you then’re going to be in a sticky state of affairs in a short time.

I’d suggest having at the least a few melee customers in each social gathering who can mop up weaker enemies with out losing ammo – heavy and bladed are each good primary choices, whereas brawling takes slightly extra time and finesse.

Snipers are additionally very highly effective, and a superb choice on your squishy, intelligence based mostly characters.

Common Expertise – Animal Whisperer, Explosives, First Help, Sneaky Shit, Bizarre Science

From the overall expertise department, there are a number of to contemplate.

Bizarre Science isn’t nice for a primary playthrough as a result of new gear is uncommon, and also you’d profit from understanding the place to seek out it.

Nevertheless, the remainder of the abilities are all good for starters.

Animal Whisperer permits you to allure animals all over the world to help you in battle. These vary from vicious wolves, to crit-boosting cats, to two-headed goats and cyborg chickens. They’re deceptively good and a very enjoyable addition.

The Explosives talent is used rather a lot to disarm traps and landmines. You undoubtedly must have certainly one of your core group in a position to cope with these otherwise you’ll be always leaving loot behind.

First Help is an effective talent to have only one or two spare factors in. It unlocks completely different therapeutic gadgets {that a} character can use on their entire crew in addition to dialogue choices, so is good to have.

Sneaky Shit comes up much less typically, however is useful whenever you’re positioning your crew for an ambush. It’s additionally used to disable alarms on this planet. You could possibly go away this one for a later character, as a result of an early companion – Marshall Kwon – has good Sneaky Shit.

Exploration Expertise – Armour Modding, Lockpicking, Mechanics, Nerd Stuff, Survival, Toaster Restore, Weapon Modding

As you may’ve guessed, exploration expertise assist you navigate and loot the wasteland and it’s best to put money into practically all of them.

Weapon and Armour Modding are attention-grabbing decisions which add utility to your gear, however I are likely to neglect them as a result of they’re not as thrilling as opening locked chests or passing dialogue checks. They’re value it if you wish to position play a thrifty character, and you may make more money stripping weapons and armour you discover for components than simply promoting them entire.

Lockpicking and Toaster Restore are very comparable. Lockpicking opens up facet paths and caches of loot, which is filled with flavour and helpful for locating alternative ways to finish quests.

Toasters which you repair with Toaster Restore are mainly legendary chests. By investing in Toaster Restore you’re swapping the amount of Lockpicking for an opportunity at high quality. Weigh it up rigorously.

The joy of Survival suffers slightly bit from taking stuff away from you reasonably than providing you with extra enjoyable. On prime of a minor injury buff, survival stops low stage random occasions from clogging up your time within the Kodiak. NPC companions have a tendency to come back with this talent, so I don’t normally construct it into characters.

Mechanics comes up rather a lot in a fight situation, the place you possibly can blow up turbines to destroy all enemy turrets directly. It additionally opens a good quantity of doorways all through the sport. All of that’s with out speaking about its usefulness in protecting your automobile wholesome.

Lastly, Nerd Stuff permits you to hack computer systems to open doorways in addition to providing you with extra dialogue choices all through your journey – that is a straightforward advice.

Social Expertise – Barter, Arduous Ass, Management, Kiss Ass

Despite the fact that Kiss Ass doesn’t sound like a superb factor, it’s corresponding to the speech talent in different RPGs. It comes up always, and it’s best to have at the least one high-level Kiss Ass in any social gathering if you wish to take the elective routes in quests.

Arduous Ass comes up barely much less typically, however could be very comparable – typically saving you from violence with the rowdier post-apocalyptic factions. It’s value having certainly one of every in your wider squad.

Management is an absolute should on excessive Charisma characters, and is all the level of getting that attribute.

Barter however is an attention-grabbing utility talent. There are fairly a number of dialogue checks you possibly can go with Barter, whereas it additionally improves your mercantile expertise with higher costs. It’s not a complete necessity however a pleasant to have.

For extra on Wasteland 3, you possibly can try our preview impressions, right here.

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