The Last of Us 2 safe combinations and locations – all the codes

For the reason that collapse, post-apocalyptic Seattle is a repository stuffed with old-world loot simply ready for Ellie to scavenge – if she will discover it. To maintain your self equipped and your ammo belt stocked, you’ll wish to monitor down each safe location and crack the entire safes in The Final of Us 2.

If solely it was so simple as simply selecting what you needed. On this information, we’ll not solely discuss you thru learn how to get all of the protected codes by looking the setting, but in addition spotlight the protected combos themselves in case you simply wish to skip the legwork. There’s additionally a video model of our The Final of Us 2 protected codes information beneath.

Since launch, we’ve added new screenshots to offer you a greater image of the place to seek out every protected, in addition to up to date the textual content to incorporate extra element.

The Final of Us 2 protected codes and combos

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Jackson protected combos

Patrol protected 1 mixture –

This protected will be discovered once you’re clearing out the primary load of contaminated with Dina across the prime ground of the grocery store. You’ll discover a be aware that claims, “Combo is the date my good boy acquired Worker of the Month.” Close by, there’s an image of a candy canine on the desk.

Now return outdoors the room and into the hall. Right here you’ll discover an Worker of the Month chart. Search for the canine and also you’ll see he acquired the award in July 2013.

Which means the protected code is 07-20-13. You’ll discover some gun elements and dietary supplements inside.

Day 1 protected combos

Financial institution vault mixture –

Within the south of the Seattle Downtown hub space – which we have now a full web page on right here – you could find the mixture for the vault within the financial institution on a be aware referred to as Financial institution Heist Plans. Now head over to the Security Deposit Room.

The vault code is 60-23-06. Inside you can find the Pump Shotgun and Nathan Drake’s ring.

Gate West 2 protected mixture –

You could find this on Madison Road close to the highest left of the map. You must squeeze by way of a small hole. The code is 04-51, which is the previous code for Gate West 2 in your gate codes journal web page.

Courthouse protected mixture –

Contained in the courthouse, when you’ve handed the primary load of contaminated, you’ll come downstairs to a darkish hall with steel detectors, and in your left, there’s an workplace. Smash the window and climb into the workplace to seek out the protected beneath.

You’ll be able to see the mixture for the protected – 86-07-22 – on a whiteboard close by.

You’ll discover dietary supplements and gun elements inside.

“Staci good time” Thrift retailer protected mixture – Within the tripwire space with Dina, as you advance you’ll finally see Wellwishes thrift retailer in your left. Tiptoe across the outdoors of the tree subsequent to the entrance door to keep away from the booby-trap, then seize the Bizzarebra Superhero card from the kids’s bookshelf on the left-hand facet of the room.

On this space, open the door behind the room and decide up the be aware from the corkboard in your proper. The be aware offers you the trace that the mixture to a close-by protected is the final six digits of Staci’s cellphone quantity, however the backside is ripped.

You’ll discover the protected in one other facet room by way of the left-hand door. Scaredy-cats put together your self earlier than you enter.

The protected combo is 55-01-33, which you discover graffitied on the wall of a close-by toilet – “name Staci for a superb time – (206) 555-0133.

Underground door mixture –

Close to the place you discovered the Dr. Daniela Star buying and selling card, there’s a locked door that requires a mix to enter. Across the nook from the door you can find a be aware that claims, “Hey Dewey – Overlook the code once more? Get me a soda and the code is yours! – V.”

Close by there’s a merchandising machine with a soda can inside – smash the glass to tug it out and look at it.

A be aware connected to the can reads, “The code is 1-5-2-?-? – Okay, sufficient hints. In the event you can’t determine the remaining out, I’m with the fallacious man. Take pleasure in!” By strategy of elimination, you’ll be able to work out the door code is 15243. You’ll discover ammo, dietary supplements, and different provides inside.

Day 2 protected combos

Auto restore storage Hillcrest protected mixture – Within the space after the primary encounter with the WLF and their canine, you can be in one other avenue that’s taken over by contaminated. There’s a bunch of retailers, together with a tattoo parlour. Outdoors the again of the tattoo parlour, there’s an Auto Restore store with a door blocked by a dumpster.

Transfer the dumpster away from the door, place a mine and open the door earlier than legging it away. The mine will handle a number of the runners inside and you need to use the shotgun to choose the remaining off. Inside you can find a protected.

To search out the mixture, head into the store reverse the entrance door of the tattoo parlour. From there enter the bar and kill the shambler and contaminated inside, then go into the kitchen there and seize a be aware from the whiteboard.

The auto restore protected code is 30-82-65. Contained in the protected you’ll discover a Quick Gun Holster, in addition to some ammo and gun elements.

Marriage ceremony date protected mixture –

After Ellie units off on her mission to the hospital, she cuts by way of a grocery store and passes a bar, Kingsgate Brewing, on the left, and an workplace constructing with the rope swing puzzle to get previous a locked door on the best. Additional up the highway there’s an elective house constructing in your left.

Stroll as much as door, then look down the steps to your proper to see the crawl area entry. Make your means as much as the second ground and there’s a workbench on the right-hand facet of the constructing.

To the left is a locked door. To get previous it, smash the window in entrance of you on the balcony, climb out, then bounce throughout to the left and smash one other window to get again in once more. Inside, there’s a protected within the bed room. The mix is the marriage date talked about within the be aware within the room you broke into.

Search for a calendar on the wall. The marriage anniversary is circled, providing you with the protected mixture: 10-08-83. Seize the superhero card from the bedside desk in the identical bed room, and assist your self to the 24 dietary supplements ready for you within the protected.

Weston’s Pharmacy protected mixture –

Additional on the way in which to the hospital, Ellie reaches a flooded avenue the place you’re prompted to press L3 to have a look at your goal. As a substitute of constant straight ahead, break off to the left to seek out Weston’s Pharmacy. You could find one other protected inside Weston’s Pharmacy by way of a crack within the wall, between two cabinets. Inside you’ll discover a medkit, explosive arrows, and a few dietary supplements.

You could find the mixture on a be aware below money register counter at Weston’s Pharmacy. The be aware says, “Tom – I hold listening to gunfire at odd hours. Now we have nobody to guard us from this loopy cult. We will’t watch for the WLF to seek out us… we have now to trek to their base and be a part of them. I’ve began stashing provides within the protected. Heading out to scout the most effective route, will probably be again with a plan ASAP. Watch out, MK. P.S. – Nearly forgot, the code is 38-55-23.”

Day three protected combos

Boat stash protected mixture –

You’ll discover this protected once you’re exploring within the boat as Ellie, the place you’ll see a protected behind a wire fence in a storage.

Finally you’ll come to a shutter and must depart the boat. Head up the steps right here and also you’ll move by a window the place you’re prompted to take a be aware of the ferris wheel within the distance.

There’s a physique within the nook of this hall with a be aware that claims, “Larger hope is you keep in mind the place we hid the stash? Code is 70-12-64. It’s not a lot, but it surely’s all I’ve. I need you to take it. Be nicely. – Randall.”

Reverse Randall there’s a movable trolley – pull it to disclose a crawlspace.

Crawl by way of, then hop down into the fenced-in space beneath to seek out the protected for some ammo, dietary supplements, gun elements, and assets.

The Final of Us 2 Protected Combos


Patrol Protected 1Jackson07-20-13

Financial institution Vault CombinationDay 160-23-06

Gate West 2Day 104-51

Courthouse SafeDay 186-07-22

Underground Door CombinationDay 115243

“Staci Good Time” Thrift Retailer SafeDay 155-01-33

Auto Restore Storage Hillcrest SafeDay 230-82-65

Marriage ceremony Date Protected CodeDay 210-08-83

Weston’s Pharmacy SafeDay 238-55-23

Boat Stash SafeDay 370-12-64

[Spoilers follow the video below]

open safes with out the mixture in The Final of Us 2

With spoilers incoming, this looks like a superb time to elucidate how The Final of Us 2 gamers found a neat element that would assist you crack all of the safes within the recreation.

In practically all circumstances, the code is discovered by inspecting the store or house it’s in, and fixing a lightweight puzzle. However, do you know that you just don’t even want a code to unlock them?

As you’ve little question seen in loads of caper films, there’s all the time the protected cracker character that places their ear to the protected and one way or the other finds the mixture simply by listening to the audio cues. It seems, the identical will be carried out in The Final of Us Half 2.

Various gamers on Twitter and Reddit have been stunned to seek out it was truly doable to unlock the sport’s safes that means.

Gotta give HIGE props to the @Naughty_Dog sound design workforce. Could not immediately discover the final 2 digits to a protected combo so I threw my headphones and listened fastidiously. You’ll be able to 100% crack the safes by the sound of the pins

— Josh Snow ❄️ (@JoshwaM) June 21, 2020

Michael Leri even captured a video demonstrating it, although I can’t hear a distinction myself.

It’s also possible to crack safes simply by listening to the tumbler click on into place. Take note of how the ticks for every right quantity are totally different from the inaccurate ones.

— Michael Leri (@OrangeFlavored) June 20, 2020

The one factor that would throw you off is when Ellie resets her grip after twisting all of it means. This happens at each 20 numbers or so and produces a barely totally different audio cue that would mislead you.

That is clearly all really useful to be carried out with headphones, as you’re unlikely to choose up on the refined variations when utilizing audio system. Nonetheless, now that you already know it’s doable, it’s value giving it a shot with the subsequent protected you come throughout.

Nevertheless, we’ve listed each single one of many protected combos beneath.

Significantly, in case you don’t wish to know something in regards to the recreation past this level, don’t scroll down.

Day 1 (Abby) protected codes

Camper van lottery ticket “the large win” protected mixture –

After you’ve completed the ladder and boat puzzle you can be in a brand new space with a camper van the place you’ll discover the next be aware: “Marta – With the truce useless, it’s too dangerous to maintain utilizing this place for meetups. Scars are gonna be swarming throughout this space like roaches. I went forward and cleaned out my provides already, however I left all of your weapons within the lockup in case you want them once you arrive. Determine the Scars received’t contact them for the reason that protected is simply too ‘previous world’ for them. Dumb freaks.

“See you quickly, watch out. Paul. PS Nonetheless utilizing ‘the large win’ as the mixture.”

Contained in the camper van there’s a cork board with a Terra Lotto ticket on it.

The circled numbers, 17-38-07 is the protected code. Inside you can find the Looking Pistol and a spread of ammunition.

You’ll discover the protected across the nook from the camper van, by way of a big crack within the warehouse wall.

Chinatown protected mixture –

When you escape the FOB with the assistance of Manny, you’ll quickly attain Chinatown. Right here you can find a protected inside a store referred to as Jasmine Bakery.

Two buildings down the road, there’s one other store with a door within the again referred to as the Ruby Dragon.

Head by way of there and go up the steps. Crawl into the subsequent room and cope with the clickers inside.

Head out onto the balcony and take a operating bounce throughout the road to the balcony on the opposite facet. Take a left and also you’ll discover a be aware with the Chinatown protected code: 68-96-89. Inside you can find loads of dietary supplements and a few provides.

Subsequent to the be aware, drop down into the shop beneath, search the realm then return to the Jasmine Bakery in your reward.

Ferry Weapons storage protected mixture –

You learn how to open this protected lengthy earlier than you discover the precise protected, simply after you get the crossbow, on a be aware.

The weapons storage code is 90-77-01. The protected itself is on the stern, the again of the ship, on the solar – or prime – deck. It’s not so sunny lately…

Inside you can find the Ordnance improve guide, some dietary supplements, and gun elements.

Day 2 (Abby) protected codes

Julia’s Condo quantity protected mixture –

While you’re travelling with Lev in direction of the skybridge, there’s some extent the place you must bounce to a balcony from the highway and smash a window to enter some flats. Inside the primary house you can find a be aware that’s a forwards and backwards between Sam and Julia, next-door neighbours.

The be aware mentions some provides in a protected and says the mixture is “our house quantity after which your house quantity”. To get the combo, head into the corridor outdoors and look to your left.

The protected is within the bed room of this house and the protected code you want is 30-23-04. Inside you’ll discover some gun elements, ammo, and assets.

Lodge fitness center Wifi code protected mixture –

Notice: Don’t undergo the stairwell door subsequent to the room with this protected inside. You’ll be compelled to advance and miss it.

After you fall from the skybridge and into the swimming pool, you’ll end up in a fitness center. Stroll by way of the fitness center till you attain Orchards Juice Bar on the finish of the hall on the best.

Behind right here you’ll discover a be aware. “Please don’t depart valuables mendacity round when you’re on shift. Now we have an worker protected within the cleansing closet within the foyer. The code is similar because the wifi. Sheryl.”

To get the WiFi code, return to the fitness center and look behind the reception counter or the far finish of the room – close to the door to the swimming pool. In the event you head out to the foyer, you could find the protected within the room reverse the reception desk. The protected code is 12-18-79. Open it up for some provides.

The Final of Us 2 Abby Protected Combos


Camper Van “Huge Win” SafeAbby Day 117-38-07

Chinatown SafeAbby Day 168-96-89

Ferry Weapon Storage SafeAbby Day 190-77-01

Julia’s Condo quantity safeAbby Day 230-23-04

Lodge Health club Wifi Code SafeAbby Day 212-18-79

For extra assist with The Final of Us 2, right here’s our web page on the place to seek out every superhero buying and selling card.

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