Solder Your Next Robot with This Evangelion Soldering Iron


In one more Evangelion collaboration, A.T. Area Evangelion Work and Hakko have come collectively to provide the A.T. FIELD dial-type temperature-controlled soldering iron, which after all is a factor. When you're constructing a mecha, why not do it with the soldering iron within the colour of a few of the most well-known mechs of all time?


A.T. Field Evangelion Work


Te soldering irons are available in three completely different colours, representing Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 0. They're all in a position to hearth up from 200 celsius to 500 celsius, which is well adjusted through a dial on the primary unit, and indicated by an LED, telling the person if the unit is getting hotter, reached its peak temperature, or if the unit is getting cooler – although they already look fairly cool for my part.


All three of Evangelion soldering irons are 8,000 yen (US$75.50) every and go on sale in {hardware} shops in Japan on August 7. They'll match the different instruments on sale within the A.T. Area Evangelion Work vary!


Supply: Animage Plus


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