Sailing the Shinsu Waves: Exploring Tower of God’s Ocean Themes


Plenty of anime have developed their identities round their visible themes and cues — One Piece and Pirates, Naruto and Ninjas, and even Bleach and Shinigami grew to become defining visible cues that might tie into the larger facets of the sequence. However generally, anime have themes which are somewhat bit extra below the radar, current within the background of the present however not at all times having a direct affect on how issues play out. Tower of God, for instance, looks like an unlikely candidate for a present to have oceanic themes, however in actuality, ocean imagery and water play an enormous function within the world-building of the sequence itself! From eels and internet dolphins to Fishermen and Lighthouses, there generally is a lot to maintain monitor of on the excessive seas of Kami no Tou!

Fisherman in Tower of God

At first, it’s onerous to pin Tower of God to any explicit fashion of picture — in any case, the primary issues we see within the sequence are some legendary carvings on a wall, a bunny wanting man, after which, out of the blue … an enormous eel! Then, we see characters in an enormous open area, a futuristic constructing, and loads of different virtually unattainable seeming places. There are various instances wherein the sequence leans closely on its fantasy setting, however taking a barely deeper look permits us to see some widespread themes emerge, beginning with that huge eel that Bam encounters within the first episode! Because it seems, these kind of creatures are pretty widespread inside the Tower, as we see one other one among these eels in Episode 10, and the revelation of royal murderer Lo Po Bia Ren’s obvious means to regulate a big serpent of some type (and check director Yu Hansung’s much more fearful one!) reveals yet one more type of these creatures.

The Eel in Tower of God

Often called “Divine Sea Aquatic Animals,” or Shinheuh in Korean, these kind of creatures appear to inhabit varied facets of the Tower as native (and harmful!) fauna. In Episode 11, we’re handled to a view of another Shinheuh, the Web Dolphins and different creatures that make up the ecosystem of the wild components of the Tower itself. Many of those animals bear the names of assorted real-life sea creatures, though they are typically far bigger and far scarier wanting than their namesakes — then once more, a huge eel could be fairly terrifying, even when it wasn’t as colourful because the one in Tower of God.

Lero-Ro in Tower of God

The Shinheuh bear the identical identify as Shinsu (Divine Water) which makes up the inside of the Tower’s environment. Shinsu is maybe one of the vital mysterious, but essential, facets of your complete sequence. Lero-Ro makes use of it in a option to separate those that can and can’t doubtlessly survive the Tower, and his use of it invokes the picture of a large wall of water — but we study that Shinsu is outwardly all-around individuals within the Tower always, so it’s precise type appears far much less concrete than we would first count on. It looks like it will be honest to say that Shinsu is just like the air we breathe, however may also be concentrated right into a denser, water-like type. Regardless of the particulars, this concept of a mysterious “water” surrounding these within the Tower helps illustrate how sturdy the Regulars should change into. In spite of everything, if you happen to’ve ever tried operating in water, you may discover it fairly troublesome!

Wave Controller in Tower of God

When the checks revealed positions to the viewers, a lot of this nautical theming grew to become much more obvious, particularly with the Fisherman place and the Lighthouse device. Because the regulars put together to take this last examination collectively, all of it appears to be coming collectively. Not solely are positions a essential side of climbing the Tower in groups, however the roles of every member is reliant on interactions with the wild beasts of the tower. The Mild Bearer’s use of Lighthouses is to assist forged gentle into the extraordinarily darkish and dense areas of the tower, simply as actual lighthouses exist to assist information ships away from doubtlessly operating aground and provides them bearings in darkish seas. In the meantime, the Fisherman is precisely that: a fisher, trying to catch and appeal to the damaging threats of the Tower in order that the remaining teammates can collaborate to take down these threats. In fact, eager observers might be aware that the 2 different positions have seeming ties to nautical imagery: the Spear Bearer (spearfishing!) and Wave Controller, who actively focuses and controls the Shinsu of the tower for his or her wants.

Giant Eel in Kami no Tou

Tower of God has given us different little ocean-based themes too, equivalent to Yu Hansung calling himself the “submerged fish” of Evankhell, or the mysterious Administrator who appears to be an virtually Cthulhu-esque elder god — a huge, deep-sea being of terrifying energy and type. So, one is perhaps curious as to why the sequence has all these aquatic cues and nods all through … What is the large secret? Effectively, if sequence creator SIU is to be taken at his phrase, it’s as a result of … he simply actually likes the ocean!

eye see you...

In fact, since Tower of God remains to be operating, who is aware of if SIU has some secret purpose for all of those dropped hints all through the sequence. However for now, he doesn’t appear to be telling. Regardless, we expect it’s fairly distinctive and strange for a thematic selection in an anime, particularly because the sequence itself isn’t nautically based mostly! As Bam and Co. get able to tackle the remainder of the ultimate examination, what different nautical imagery may we encounter? I suppose we’ll simply should set our strains and wait to see if something bites! 

Did you choose up on the aquatic themes of the sequence? What’s your principle on why SIU’s chosen these themes? Tell us what you assume within the feedback!

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