Random facts about anime/manga you may have not known about

We all have an undying love for anime. I mean if you didn’t, why would you even be on this site?

Why are you still even alive?

So we thought it’d be nice to give you guys some random, fun facts about the anime/manga industry that’ll blow your minds.

Check them out in the list below.

1. Anime in Japan is more influential than television or newspapers.

Anime reaches a wider demographic than tv and newspapers due to it’s overwhelming popularity. Which is why it has so much influence over the younger generation. 

2. In Japan, more paper is used for manga than toilet paper.

Japan has high-tech robot toilets that are equipped with bidets, reducing the need of toilet paper in most households. 

3. Longest running anime is sazae-san, created in 1969 with 7,500 plus episodes and still going.

Can you imagine being a fan from the start?

4. Manga is widely read by women.

If you’re a dude, this can be your perfect ice breaker.

5. There are manga cafes in japan.

You know sort-of like Starbucks, but better!

6. The first generation of animators were in the late 1910’s.

If it weren’t for these people, we could’ve probably been productive.

7. It is common in Japan to leave your manga behind on a table top or bench after you’re done reading it.

Keep in mind you can take the recycled mangas to the cafes!

8. First anime to air in America was “Astro Boy” and it was written by Osamu Tezuka.

This is where it all began for the U.S.

9. Anime episodes can roughly cost anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000.

Next time you think, “Wow, this episode sucks,” make sure you remember how much it cost to produce it.

10. Pizza Hut has sponsored more than 30 anime shows in Japan.

Pizza Hut product placement can be seen in may popular anime, for example, Code Geass, Evangelion, and Girl who Leapt Through Space.

What is better than anime? Anime with pizza!