Netflix to release 7 new original anime series for 2018

Netflix has just been shelling out original anime series like crazy, not that we’re complaining.

During it’s press conference today, titled “Netflix Anime Slate 2017“, Netflix announced that it has 7 new, original anime series in the books.

It also has some exclusive anime on the way too.

Here is what series were announced today alongside their synopsis.

We’re so very excited.

1. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby Cocanime Netflix Exclusive

Devilman Crybaby will be a 10-episode series surrounding protagonist Akira Fudo.

He is able to transform into a demon/human hybrid called “Devilman”. He uses his powers to protect the world from an invasion by demons.

The series will be directed by Masaaki Yuasa and will be produced by studio Science Saru.

Check out the trailer for it below.

2. A.I.C.O -Incarnation-

aico incarnation cocanime netflix original

A.I.C.O -Incarnation- is a sci-fi series set in 2035 Japan.

Divers breach a restricted area to secure samples of a monstrous, artificial life form.

As the events unfold, the main character, Aiko, has her whole life turned upside down when she discovers that she has ties to said artificial life form.

The series is created by studio Bones and directed by Kazuya Murata.

Check out the trailer for the series below.

3. B. The Beginning

B the beginning cocanime netflix original

Created by Production IG, the same studio who made Ghost in the Shell, B. The Beginning is about an investigator who is risking his safety by digging into a mysterious criminal organization.

He is trying to uncover the truth behind a notorious serial killer known as “Killer B“.

Of course, as with Ghost in the Shell, this series will feature a lot of sci-fi elements.

4. Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya

knights of the zodiac saint seiya cocanime netflix original

A group of heroes equipped with magical armor representing the constellations must defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena.

Their foes? The other Greek gods.

This will be a 12-episode long series of epic proportions.

It’s based off of a classic anime of the same name.

Check out the old version of the anime below:

5. Sword Gai: The Animation

Gai is a boy who is able to fuse himself with a demonic sword.

Gai was a new-born baby discovered next to a woman who had died a suspicious death in the forest.

His savior, the swordsmith known as Amon, adopts him and takes him on as his apprentice.

10-years later, Gai loses his right arm in a freak accident, and his adoptive father does the unthinkable; he fuses a sword of demonic powers into Gai’s torn arm as a replacement.

After-which, all hell breaks lose.

Here is the trailer:

6. Baki

Baki is a martial-arts anime. The protagonist, Baki, wants to be the best fighter in the world.

He, and his friends, will duke it out with some crazy, death-row inmates in order to become the “Ultimate Fighting Legend”.

Unlike the other anime series on this list, Baki will have 26 episodes… almost twice that of any other original series.

Netflix must have high hopes for this anime.

7. Lost Song

A story about two singers who want to change the world with their magical songs that can heal and create water…

That’s all we were given for the synopsis, but we like music so we’re looking forward to watching this.

Below: Coming to Netflix exclusively in 2018, but won’t be Netflix Originals:

Information on these series are a bit light at the moment, but two have trailers out.

We just have to be patient while we wait for Netflix, or Japan, to dish out more details.

1. Children of the Whales

2. Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

3. Cannon Busters

4. Rilakkuma