Mass for the Dead: Two Worlds Collide in New KONOSUBA Crossover!

This time, Momonga has to be extra cautious than ever, as a result of he's going through some very distinctive issues from one other world… once more. Okay, they're type of cute points, however they're nonetheless harmful. Obtainable as of August 1, Mass for the Lifeless gamers can now be solid into one other journey referred to as Blessings on Nazarick, a crossover occasion with the KONOSUBA collection.



Throughout the occasion, gamers can accumulate the 4✩ Konosuba Chaos Relic and there's additionally a restricted summon the place you may get the members of Kazuma’s celebration. A particular step-up summon will probably be held on the occasion's launch: KONOSUBA! Step-up Summon Vol.1. Reaching the tenth step, you'll get a assured  5✩ [Water Goddess] Aqua character, and each earlier step offers particular bonuses.


New Restricted Chaos Relics

NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Am I Changing into Standard?!

HP 156 (Restrict Break MAX: 778)
SPD 47 (Restrict Break MAX: 117)
Passive Ability: Purpose Raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Explosion Maniac!

ATK 365 (Restrict Break MAX: 1819)
Passive Ability: Magic assault energy raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Pleasure That Can't Be Contained

HP 417 (Restrict Break MAX: 2085)
DEF 187 (Restrict Break MAX: 373)
Passive Ability: Bodily and magic defence raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: To Battle!

HP 247 (Restrict Break MAX: 1235)
ATK 195 (Restrict Break MAX: 973)
HP 232 (Restrict Break MAX: 463)
SPD 24 (Restrict Break MAX: 59)
Passive Ability: Assault, Defence, and Velocity raised


NEW 5✩ [Water Goddess] Aqua

Sort: Approach
Position: Healer

HP 1190 (Restrict Break MAX: 5946)
ATK 997 (Restrict Break MAX: 4886)
DEF 1205 (Restrict Break MAX: 2410)
SPD 126 (Restrict Break MAX: 314)

Overdrive: God Blow – Offers gentle aspect bodily harm to a foe
Character from "God's Blessing On This Fantastic World" is right here!
Get well your allies in danger together with her talent "Heal"!

NEW 5✩ [Ex-Hiki-NEET Adventurer] Kazuma

Sort: Velocity
Position: Enhancer

HP 1341 (Restrict Break MAX: 6702)
ATK 1045 (Restrict Break MAX: 5072)
DEF 1332 (Restrict Break MAX: 2663)
SPD 140 (Restrict Break MAX: 349)

Overdrive: A • I • M – Offers bodily harm to a foe, lowers pace and purpose, inflicts paralysis.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Fantastic World" is right here!
Seize helpful objects from enemies along with his distinctive talent "Steal"!

NEW 5✩ [Crusader] Darkness

Sort: Coronary heart
Position: Tank

HP 1502 (Restrict Break MAX: 7510)
ATK 1006 (Restrict Break MAX: 5028)
DEF 1691 (Restrict Break MAX: 3381)
SPD 131 (Restrict Break MAX: 326)

Overdrive: A Knight Strike – Offers bodily harm to a foe.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Fantastic World" is right here!
Collect all of your enemies' consideration to her together with her provoke talent "Decoy"!

NEW 5✩ [Explosion Magician] Megumin

Sort: Intelligence
Position: Attacker

HP 1183 (Restrict Break MAX: 5911)
ATK 1249 (Restrict Break MAX: 6063)
DEF 1214 (Restrict Break MAX: 2428)
SPD 132 (Restrict Break MAX: 328)

Overdrive: Explosion – Offers fireplace aspect magic harm to all foes.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Fantastic World" is right here!
Sweep away your enemies together with her overdrive talent "Explosion"!


NEW Nazarick Pageant 3

There's additionally a brand new Nazarick Pageant Three beginning on the identical time, the place the entire earlier Nazarick Pageant characters will probably be obtainable plus a brand new unit, with raised drop fee:

NEW 5✩ [Ruler of the Glacier] Cocytus. This shiny model of Cocytus is a Velocity sort character and his function is Attacker.

HP 1364 (Restrict Break MAX: 6819)
ATK 1216 (Restrict Break MAX: 6017)
DEF 1336 (Restrict Break MAX: 2671)
SPD 143 (Restrict Break MAX: 356)

Overdrive: Trilokya Vijaya – Offers wind elemental bodily harm to all foes.
Attacker specializing in bodily assaults with a traditional assault that may goal a number of enemies!
Use the multi-target assault talent with a debuff of pace lower collectively to take down all of your enemies!


Obtain Mass for the Lifeless for iOS and Android.