The L.A. premiere for Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel has sold out!

Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel LA Premiere

Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel is on its way to becoming a global success.

Just a few days ago, the film opened up across theaters in Japan and grossed about 413,030,840 yen within its first two days.

That’s over 245,000 tickets sold.

The film was the #1 film at the Japanese box office in terms of both attendance and earnings.

So it’s no surprise that when pre-orders for the L.A. premiere for Heaven’s Feel became available, tickets were instantly sold out.

The film’s director, Tomonori Sudou, and the voice actress for Sakura Matou, Noriko Shitaya, will also be attending the premiere.


Reviews for the Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie have been stellar all-around.

People are saying that it’s the best the Fate/Stay series has to offer so far, however, if you haven’t watched all of the Fate series yet, you should do so, or you’ll miss out on some key points in Heaven’s Feel.

Theaters throughout the U.S will start screening the film starting November 17th all the way through the middle of December.

We’re hoping that sales will be high, encouraging other studios to screen their anime movies in the U.S.