Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales Walkthrough – Where to find every quest

In your time with Ghost of Tsushima’s important story, you’ll have probably heard rumours of musicians telling tall tales of fearless legendary warriors – every with their very own storied relic that you could monitor down and discover.

These are Mythic Tales, particular aspect quests in Ghost of Tsushima, which signify a few of the most attention-grabbing and rewarding pursuits on the island. They’re the way you get your palms on a few of the greatest rewards within the recreation: together with Gosaku’s Armour and the Kensei Armour.

Whether or not you’re monitoring down the cursed bow of a revered archer or demon-blessed robes, these are objects you’ll actually need to choose up throughout your journey.

The 7 Mythic Tales are unfold throughout the sport’s three acts, however aren’t marked in your map right away.

Right here’s the place to seek out every Mythic Story in Ghost of Tsushima – in addition to the best way to full them.

Be suggested, I’ll cut up them up by act so that you don’t see an excessive amount of however take this as a spoiler warning for map places.

Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales places

Act 1 Mythic Tales
The Heavenly Strike
The Legend of Tadayori
The Curse of Uchitsune
Act 2 Mythic Tales
The Unbreakable Gosaku – Gosaku’s Armour
The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance
The Six Blades of Kojiro – Kensei Armour
Act three Mythic Tales
The Timeless Flame

Act 1 Mythic Tales

There are three Mythic Tales to finish within the first act of the sport: The Heavenly Strike, The Legend of Tadayori, and The Curse of Uchitsune.

All of which provide you with attention-grabbing and helpful rewards for the remainder of the sport.

The Heavenly Strike

Your first Mythic Story -The Heavenly Strike – is discovered to the southwest of Golden Temple, between River Falls Bridge and Brown River Gorge.

It’s one of many extra easy Mythic Tales, however rewards you with a strong particular transfer which shortly dispatches staggered enemies.

To start, discover the musician on the location marked on you map, then proceed down the street within the course of the guiding wind to seek out the bridge. Beneath the bridge is a girl you might want to converse to.

Comply with her to a Mongol camp and defeat the enemies.

Discover the white-leafed tree

From the Mongol camp, go away by way of the entrance entrance and go up the hill in entrance of you to Plum Blossom Shrine. Scale the shrine and also you’ll discover the white-leafed tree at its summit.

Survey the world from subsequent to the tree and also you’ll see one other grove of bushes. Climb down the cliff face to your proper and comply with the guiding wind to the grove. Inside bear proper and also you’ll discover a home the place you might want to rescue a hostage.

Defeat the enemies and converse to the hostage to obtain your remaining goal: Journey to Shigenori’s Relaxation.

This location is discovered to the east coast of the island, proper subsequent to Black Sands Inlet.

The Legend of Tadayori

Communicate to the musician by the campfire within the west of Azamo, west of the place it says Azamo Foothills on the map, to start your subsequent Mythic Story.

Trip or quick journey as much as northern Azamo close to Ki’s Pond. You’ll discover the Crown of Violets you’re searching for on the following location:

Legend of Tadayori Portray Map Location

The map portray you acquire on prime of the crown of violets factors you throughout the close by river to a cave on the following location:

Crawl underneath the hole within the rock formation to enter Tadayori’s Relaxation and comply with the aims earlier than heading far to the south in direction of Azamo Bay.

Full the aims on the location marked in your map to say your prize.

The Curse of Uchitsune

This musician is discovered simply to the north of Hiyoshi Springs, up on the hill. It’s in all probability probably the most esoteric of all the Mythic Tales, so we’ll present map screens of the place you might want to go.

Comply with the Blue Flowers

Your first goal is to seek out and comply with blue flowers on the west coast of the island.

The placement you’re searching for is a big rock formation – known as Uchitsune’s Tomb – lined in flowers, right here:

Inside you’ll discover a portray map which factors you to an island additionally lined with blue flowers. You can see it additional up the coast to the north, previous Mending Rock Shrine. Right here on the map:

You’ll discover one more portray. This time it directs you to a mountain. You discover this close to the Survivor camp to the west, between the Jade Hills and Yoichi’s Slope:

Full the aims on the shrine right here to complete off the Mythic Story.

Act 2 Mythic Tales

In act 2, you’re set on the trail of Gosaku’s Armour and the Kensei armour, but in addition the extremely helpful Dance of Loss of life transfer.

These Mythic Tales are for much longer and extra circuitous than these within the final act, however no much less price it.

The Unbreakable Gosaku – Gosaku’s Armour

Whereas it’s one of many longer Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima, The Unbreakable Gosaku nets you one the most effective armour units within the recreation – so it’s effectively price doing.

This quest duties you with accumulating 6 keys from Mongol camps and occupied farmsteads to entry the reward.

It’s easy sufficient, and the aims are all marked in your map.

You’ll discover the musician for The Unbreakable Gosaku simply to the south of Akashima village within the south of the Act 2 map.

You then have to liberate 6 completely different places:

Koshimizu Farmstead – Act 2 space – northeast of Kushi Temple
Ijima Farmstead – Act 2 space – northeast of Akashima Village
Yagata Farmstead – Act 1 space – between Yagata Forest and Kashine Forest on the map
Kuta Farmstead – Act 1 space – southeast of Golden Temple
Ohama Fishing Village – Act 1 space – within the west, west of Lake Kunehama
Liberate Aoi Village – Act 1 space – south coast, north from Kijo Isle

With all of them out of the way in which, you’ll get a marker in your map to go to a hill in Akashima:

Make your method there, climb to the summit, and acquire your prize. When totally upgraded, as proven within the display screen under, the Gosaku Armour offers you a “large” enhance to well being, a “main” enhance to stagger injury – so you’ll be able to break via enemy guards rather more shortly – and the power that killing enemies you stagger restores 20% of your well being.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance

Should you’re not offered on finishing all the Mythic Tales, then The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance is the one you need to spend your time with.

The Dance of Wrath is a good particular transfer that you simply’ll get loads of use out of – particularly in boss fights.

To search out the musician for this Mythic Story, head to the centre of the Act 2 space between the Ruins of Previous Yarikawa and Insurgent’s Final Stand.

Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance shrine places:

After the story, you’ll get the target to go looking Previous Yarikawa for smoke above a shrine.

I discovered the primary one right here, south of the Ruins of Previous Yarikawa marker:

You then want to analyze the close by refugee camp, earlier than following a person to present him recommendation.

I then discovered the second shrine right here, up within the northwest of the world subsequent to the bridge in direction of Kushi:

After finishing the campsite goal I then discovered one other shrine on prime of the hill in the midst of the burned out village:

Comply with the guiding wind in direction of the sounds of fight, then when you might want to enter the house, accomplish that via the opening within the roof.

I discovered the ultimate shrine right here, on the northern fringe of the search space:

To get to the Backyard of the Gods, return in direction of the burned out village and head in direction of the southeast nook of the search space – you’ll know the fitting place due to the fireflies:

The Six Blades of Kojiro – Kensei Armour

The Six Blades of Kojiro is present in Umugi Cove within the southwest of the Act 2 map.

It’s heartily really useful that you simply full the earlier Mythic Story – The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance – as a result of it can make the next duels lots simpler.

As you’d anticipate, there are 6 to seek out across the Act 2 map. All of them are marked in your map so shouldn’t provide you with a lot hassle to trace down.

They’re a few of the most tough fights within the recreation, so equip melee buffing and injury lowering charms, in addition to your greatest armour.

Duel of Crashing Waves location

The one one which’s a little bit tough to seek out is the Duel of Crashing Waves. To get all the way down to its seashore location, you might want to undergo the doorway to the close by Cloud Ridge Shrine.

Head via the archway and the trail will lead down in direction of the ocean. You’ll discover the ronin you might want to duel fishing.

As soon as all 6 of the acolytes are down, you might want to return to Umugi Cove to get your remaining goal: an invite to at least one remaining duel at Omi Monastery. It’s as much as the north, simply southwest of Jin dwelling in Omi Village.

Act three Mythic Tales

Whereas there’s no shiny tools up for grabs within the third act, you do study a powerful new method which helps you to break via the guard of even probably the most staunch foe.

The Timeless Flame

The frozen north of Tsushima is tough to navigate. Spend too lengthy within the subzero temperatures and also you’ll freeze to loss of life. Should you’re going to outlive, you then’ll want a method of producing your personal heat.

That’s the place the ultimate Mythic Story – The Timeless Flame – is available in.

To begin this quest you might want to converse to the alling musician simply to the north of Jogkau Temple. He’ll let you know of a secret dojo on the summit of Mount Jogaku, devoted to instructing worthy travellers the Means of the Flame.

From the musician, set off northeast in direction of Mount Jogaku and also you’ll see a rope bridge over a frozen river resulting in a hearth on the opposite aspect.

Your purpose on this Mythic Story is to scurry up Mount Jogaku between campfires earlier than you freeze to loss of life. The primary one is right here on the map:

From there, head proper and use your iron hook to leap throughout the ledge, then climb up the hand holds on the cliff face in entrance of you. There’s a campfire to relaxation at while you attain the highest.

Look above you additional up the mountain and also you’ll see the subsequent campfire on the prime of one other cliff face:

Climb the rocks to achieve it and converse to the huddling ronin. From the ronin’s hearth, go proper and swing throughout the hole along with your grappling hook. Then grapple to the wall in your left and shimmy throughout the remainder of the way in which.

Now run a little bit additional up the hill and ignite the hearth in your proper:

From right here you’ll be able to see the flags of one other ignitable campfire additional up the trail – make your method there:

Now it’s time to make you remaining push up the mountain. From the campfire flip round and comply with the trail round to your proper, then climb the wall in your left.

Soar straight over the bear – significantly, ignore it otherwise you’ll die – and proceed climbing up the rock face with the help of your grappling hook.

On the prime, you’ll discover what you’re searching for. Comply with the linear steps earlier than returning to the musician to report your findings.

For extra assist with Ghost of Tsushima, now we have maps on the place to seek out all the Fox Dens, Scorching Springs, and Bamboo Strikes.

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