FEATURE: Which Evolution Sequence In The Digimon Reboot Is The Best So Far?


One factor I've adored concerning the 2020 Digimon Journey: reboot is that Toei Animation goes all-out with the evolution sequences. They're actually lovely and so they sorta take you on a step-by-step tour of what it's like for these 2-foot-tall monster buddies to remodel into 2-story battle machines. However with this prolonged course of comes a number of bizarre particulars. And naturally, by bizarre, I imply "I didn’t count on that, nevertheless it's nonetheless very, very cool." 


So I'm gonna take a look at those we've seen up to now and spotlight the components that stick out as significantly glorious, regardless of what number of episodes they present up in.


Agumon – Greymon


So, within the first episode, Agumon fights Argomon mid-transformation, which provides me "cocoon opened earlier than the butterfly metamorphosis is finished" vibes. It seems to be neat, with Agumon shining like vivid lava and in addition seemingly rising taller than any Agumon ever ought to.


Agumon, Digimon Adventure:


Fortunately, within the episodes after, the enemy Digimon not less than pause their assault for a second whereas Agumon evolves. However in these later scenes, the factor that all the time stands out to me is how a lot it seems to be prefer it hurts when Greymon's horns come out. They seem to only kinda tear out of his cranium, which makes me want somebody would publish a ebook about Digimon anatomy. 


Greymon, Digimon Adventure:




Argomon, Digimon Adventure:


Argomon turns into extra highly effective variations of Argomon, and so they have equally unearthly types and all the time handle to be menacing. The extra I give it some thought, the extra I'm tremendous proud of the way in which Digimon Journey: opened. 


The Beginning of Omnimon


Omnimon, Digimon Adventure:


Omnimon being born from this enormous digital egg was positively a kind of "Sure, this reboot WAS a good suggestion" moments.


Piyomon – Birdramon


Birdramon, Digimon Adventure:


Okay, in order of this writing, poor Piyomon has not but gotten an evolution sequence. However in Episode 5, Birdramon bursts from a cloud of smoke absolutely reworked after being in her Rookie kind seconds earlier, and it was some actually nice timing.


Tentomon – Kabuterimon


Tentomon, Digimon Adventure:


The Tentomon evolution sequence is probably going probably the most unsettling as a result of it's probably not a tiny monster changing into greater monster all of a sudden. As an alternative, components of its physique develop one after the other. In the beginning, it's simply little, nerdy Tentomon with these lengthy insect arms.


Tentomon, Digimon Adventure:


After which, a number of seconds later, you get a creature that's 90 % Kabuterimon and all jacked and terrifying … and it nonetheless has Tentomon's little head. He seems to be like a Digimon bodybuilder, just a bit cranium nestled in between mountains of deltoid and trapezius muscle. 


Palmon – Togemon


Togemon, Digimon Adventure:


Palmon's evolution sequence is gorgeous as a result of she swirls round for a second after which growth! Togemon pops out! It's like how the previous saying goes — the actual punching cactus warrior was inside us all alongside. 


Gomamon – Ikkakumon


Gomamon, Digimon Adventure:


Right here, Gomamon grows a beard and his tusks develop actually quick on his approach to burly Ikkakumon. However in case you pause within the center, you get awkward ninth grade Gomamon. Along with his facial hair simply coming in, he has actual "My mother mentioned this haircut would look good within the college photos" vitality. 


Gabumon – Garurumon


Gabumon, Digimon Adventure:


I like the start of this one as a result of with Gabumon's fists clenched and his head bowed and his eyes closed, he seems to be like he's focusing so exhausting to get superior and gigantic. And that's an ideal match for bashful, good man Gabumon. I believe my favourite half, although, is when he will get his full wolf tail. The claws popping out is paying homage to loads of werewolf-themed horror motion pictures, so I just like the small element of his tail whipping out, as nicely. 


Greymon – MetalGreymon


Metalgreymon, Digimon Adventure:


Although this evolution was hinted at within the OP, its energy just isn’t diminished right here after we see it in full. The steel components masking the intense Digi-skin are unbelievable and when the evolution is full, MetalGreymon seems to be completely fearsome. 


Garurumon – WereGarurumon


Weregarurumon, Digimon Adventure:


On his approach to changing into a goth karate werewolf, Garurumon sprouts arms and simply has them as further appendages for a second. Aspect be aware: Watching WereGarurumon mainly grow to be the Bruce Lee of the Digital World has formally bought me on WereGarurumon. 


Togemon – Lilimon




It's all the time attention-grabbing when the subsequent stage of Digimon evolution is smaller than the one earlier than it, and I like the truth that Lilimon mainly sprouts from Togemon's cranium. Digimon is mainly about these beast warriors that reside in a pc, so it's exhausting to know the place the our on-line world ends and the actual begins. Thus transformations like this really feel weird and natural and stylish, and preserve issues refreshing. 


Birdramon – Garudamon




To me, probably the most interesting a part of this evolution is that Birdramon/Garudamon by no means stops flying ahead, turning its transformation into this supernova fireball. After which, about thirty seconds later, it defeats its Cannonbeemon opponent by decapitating it. And I'm not speaking about an "implied" decapitation, nor am I exaggerating what goes on onscreen. Garudamon flies by means of the factor and its head comes off. 


Kabuterimon – AtlurKabuterimon




If there's one factor this evolution does, it offers a cool distinction between Koshiro's knowledge-driven, geeky (and lovable) character and the pure muscle of the Kabuterimon line. It's this enormous MMA bug that's been befriended by a child who struggles to search out his value outdoors of the info that he can analyze on his laptop computer. And collectively, they assist eachother consider in themselves. Digimon is the perfect factor ever invented.


Which Dejimon Adobenchā evolution has been your favourite? Let me know within the feedback!




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