FEATURE: Did Digimon Adventure: Just Make Us Feel Sad About … Orgemon?




With regards to Digimon characters that I count on to really feel unhappy about, Orgemon was by no means on the checklist.


And as a fan of Digimon because it debuted within the U.S. in 1999, that checklist is getting fairly lengthy. It consists of characters like Wizardmon, who sacrificed himself within the authentic Journey in order that Gatomon might reside. It additionally consists of Leomon from Tamers, whose dying was a shock resulting from its suddenness and the way a lot of a constructive pressure he was within the lifetime of his human accomplice. Heck, it even consists of imply ol' Puppetmon who, simply earlier than dying, requested his solely (and now deceased) pal Cherrymon why he failed. Cherrymon's response? Principally "Since you don't have any buddies." Yep, Puppetmon's last thought is a reminder of his personal loneliness. 


However Orgemon? By no means Orgemon. At finest, Orgemon would at all times be the bumbling lackey, the type of goon the stronger boss villain that seems within the opening credit would push round and berate. Feeling something for Orgemon can be like feeling unhealthy when a James Bond lackey bites it. Like yeah, he's tall and robust and he doesn't flinch when Sean Connery hits him within the head with a brick, however am I gonna shed a tear when he will get knocked into the piranha tank? Unlikely.




However then, in Digimon Journey: Episode 6, Orgemon — a subordinate of Devimon — releases a cry of anger and disgrace after he loses certainly one of his horns in a conflict with Greymon. And I wasn't anticipating that. I didn't even count on Orgemon to get one other scene, to be sincere. He appeared destined to lose, flee, and simply type of reset himself earlier than displaying as much as pester the Digi-Destined in one other episode. I didn't count on him to have, ya know, precise pathos. 


And when he does present again up in Episode 9 (the most recent episode as of the date of this writing) he's a modified Digimon. He particularly goes for Tai and Agumon, stating that his horn is his delight and now figuring out the pair as rivals of kinds. He even makes the military of Coredramon that he rode in with flee to make sure that he has a good, unspoiled combat with Greymon. And after they conflict, the lightning that strikes round their colliding arms and fists is one thing straight out of Dragon Ball Z. Orgemon went from zero to Vegeta very quickly, and I used to be all about it.




Nonetheless, it's shortly after that Orgemon will get stepped on by Metaltyrannomon — principally, an workplace memo from Devimon to inform him that Orgemon's being changed and that Evil Digimon Included goes with one other rent for his place. Orgemon, realizing that he's just about been betrayed, factors Tai within the route of the Holy Digimon the group has been searching for after which throws himself at Metaltyrannomon in a dying cost. It's a conflict that he’ll most actually lose.


Orgemon has had characters arcs earlier than. Within the first Journey, he begins the sequence as a merciless goon and ends it by making peace along with his former foes. However regardless that that is an especially abridged compared, I discover it to be simply as highly effective. The borderline mute henchman has been revealed to be an angsty warrior, a creature with honor that, greater than revenge, seeks one other alternative to show himself towards the monster that beforehand toppled him. After which, having gained respect for his enemies, he throws himself at a a lot stronger opponent to purchase them time, realizing that nobody stands an opportunity except he offers them one. 


Orgemon, Digimon Adventure:


It's not a revolutionary little bit of storytelling. As I discussed, it appears straight out of the Dragon Ball Z playbook the place evil characters would slowly grow to be good or at the very least tolerable after encounters with Goku, and finally achieve such a way of humanity that they'd be self-sacrificial for his or her buddies. You see it occur with Yamcha and Tien and Piccolo and Vegeta and others, by no means shedding its efficiency as a result of there's one thing inherently highly effective about the potential for goodness in somebody. The prospect that, given the suitable circumstances, they'll flip issues round and create one thing higher fairly than attempting to tear down the world. And because it seems, even Orgemon is able to that.


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