Carrion FAQs: Deposit Biomass, Laser Puzzles, Electrical Boxes

Few video games make you permit behind your humanity like Carrion. On this “reverse horror” sport, you don’t simply need to act just like the dangerous man to proceed your monstrous rampage, however assume like them as properly. One such state of affairs is the place you need to “deposit biomass” to proceed.

Like in a number of metroidvania-style video games, the steerage you get in Carrion ranges from mysterious to downright esoteric; there’s no disgrace in being fully caught in some instances.

With no hand-holding to talk of, it may be robust to deduce what all the mechanics imply from context. Whereas it can be troublesome to work out what you’ll want to do to cross sure obstacles – like laser puzzles – or open explicit factors of curiosity like electrical bins.

We’ve rounded up a couple of of the extra generally requested questions we’ve seen to do with Carrion, and answered them with as few story spoilers as attainable, beneath.

Carrion: Why do you deposit Biomass?

In Carrion, Biomass is collected by consuming unlucky people who aren’t too closely armoured to be crunched down. It not solely features as your well being, however governs the scale of your monster and the skills they’ve entry to as properly.

For instance, the smallest monster has entry to the online shot potential that may push over levers by cracks, whereas the bigger monster can’t.

Which means that to progress by the sport, some puzzles require you to deposit a few of your biomass to control which skills you’ve gotten entry to.

As you spend extra time with Carrion, you’ll have to do that a number of instances – with some later puzzles requiring you to change between kinds a number of instances in a single space.

If you wish to return to your bigger type, merely return to the cocoon you permit within the Biomass deposit pool and chow down.

Additionally, in case you by chance find yourself depositing your entire Biomass, you simply have to eat out of the cocoon you’re in.

Carrion: How do you cross laser puzzles?

After a short time, Carrion will introduce offensive and defensive skills to your monster. As we talked about earlier than, completely different sizes of monster have entry to completely different abilities, and also you’ll have to swap to the smallest monster dimension to get previous laser puzzles.

When you’ve collected the Photokinesis potential from the tank within the Botanical Gardens, you’ll be capable to use vitality to cloak your self from enemies.

It’s not instantly apparent, however this additionally works on the only beam laser puzzles too. Cloak as you undergo them and also you received’t set off the entice, which means you don’t set off the alarm or trigger a door to shut.

These are completely different to the crimson laser mine puzzles that seem later within the sport. If it’s these you’re caught on, you’ll want to discover the Keratosis potential within the Armoured Warfare Facility to get previous.

Carrion: What are {the electrical} bins for and the way do you open them?

In contrast to your offensive skills, you defensive powers want electrical energy to perform. That is the place {the electrical} bins are available.

Once they first begin showing you possibly can rip off their panel along with your tentacle and work together with it once more to suck up the juice.

After some time although, you’ll begin discovering extra-tough panels that require the Harpagorrhea potential from the Nuclear Energy Plant to prise open.

You may re-use electrical bins after a brief time frame, so make a remark of the place they seem if you’ll want to return.

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