Candy is Uncanny in Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo Opening Animation


Tokyo Manga Matsuri, a pageant of brief movies aimed toward youngsters, begins screening on August 14, 2020 in Japan, and to whet the kiddies' appetites for the unusual and the uncanny, the opening animation to the brief film model of Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo, an anime adaptation primarily based on the collection of books written by Reiko Hiroshima and illustrated by jyajya a few mysterious sweet store, has been posted to Youtube.



The opening animation (above) is directed by Ujicha (Violence Voyager, The Burning Buddha Man) in his signature "geki-mation" fashion. Along with a brief movie adapting the "Tsuritaiyaki" episode for the Tokyo Manga Matsuri pageant, Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo can be being tailored right into a TV anime with path by Satoshi Tomioka and animation manufacturing by Toei Animation and Kanaban Graphics that can debut on NHK E TV at 6:45pm JST on September 08, 2020.


The story of Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo is ready in a mysterious sweet store that solely lucky individuals can discover. The store's proprietor, Beniko, gives all kinds of sweets which can be custom-designed to ease the concerns of the individuals who eat them…offered the purchasers comply with the principles and eat the candies appropriately.


Supply: Ota-suke


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