Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – How to defeat evil Brick and Mordecai

In case you’re a seasoned Borderlands 3 participant you’ll be no stranger to boss battles, however the first one within the new Psycho Krieg DLC actually is one huge Fustercluck.

As you progress on the hunt with Sane and Psycho Krieg to siege the Crimson Fortress, you’ll quickly stumble throughout your first boss battle towards Evil Brick and Mordecai. There are a couple of unlockables and merchandising machines simply exterior of the situation you need to use to refill your ammo and take a look at new shielding gear earlier than you soar in.

Relying in your problem stage and setup, this boss battle is both going to be a breeze or an entire ballache, and I discovered it was the latter. So, get your greatest and baddest weapons prepared for a struggle.

Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Implausible Fustercluck – How you can defeat evil Brick and Mordecai

The primary factor to be careful for on this battle is their invincibility phases. They are going to every glow pink and change into proof against assaults, normally taking turns, so don’t waste your ammo throughout these phases. The most effective plan is to maintain shifting – I ran in a circle and sometimes up the center for your complete struggle, as you’re both being adopted by brick or having Mordecai always hearth on you.

Having a weapon that fires sticky bullets or grenades can be a very good shout as you’ll be able to hearth them on Mordecai, then change to a heavier weapon to tackle Brick. Bear in mind to regulate your ammo ranges and swap out weapons when you’ll be able to.

I’d advocate bringing a very good defend into the struggle, too, as you’ll be hit with sniper bullets, birds and fists throughout this struggle. A grenade with an honest AOE additionally bodes nicely, and have a very good vary of grenade/ rocket launchers, shotguns and quick-fire weapons like SMGs in your arsenal.

Enjoying as Beastmaster, I additionally set my companion on Brick every time I might, so maintain your particular talents in thoughts. It’s as much as you whether or not you’re taking Mordecai or Brick out first; personally, I removed Mordecai first as a result of his bloody birds have been annoying me, however eliminating Brick chasing you can also be a good suggestion.

And that’s it! Simply maintain at it until they’re each good and useless then transfer on to the following part. You may take a look at our Sign to Noise Crimson Fortress Crew Problem information right here.

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