A3! Introduces Autumn Actors in New PV!

Standard theater-themed anime A3! has launched a brand new promo video for its upcoming Season Autumn arc!

Set to the Autumn Troupe’s theme tune, “oneXone”, the video introduces the 5 members set to seem within the anime: Settsu Banri, Hyoudou Juza, Nanao Taichi, Fushimi Omi, and Furuichi Sakyou.

Character settings for the 5 have additionally been launched.

A3! relies on the favored actor elevating sport through which the protagonist, Tachibana Izumi, turns into the brand new president of a once-renowned theater firm. Her mission is to recruit good-looking actors and produce stage performs as a way to carry the theater again to its former glory.

A3! Season Autumn is slated to air from Oct. 13.


Tailored with permission from Anime!Anime!