9 anime girl body pillows that make you feel a real connection

Let’s just throw it out there; anime body pillows can be kind of weird.

Most of us wouldn’t plan on getting one because we don’t want those judge-y eyes from our roommates or family members when they see our favorite waifus (or husbandos) laid out on our bed.

But I dont’t know… there are some body pillows out there that make me want to throw caution and self-esteem to the wind, and just purchase the things I really want.

Here’s a list of 11 anime body pillows that I am just insanely drawn to.

1. Attack on Titan’s Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman Pillow Case

Mikasa Ackerman is a visually stunning, bad-ass, independent woman.

Her loyalty to her friends is inspiring, and her humbleness is endearing.

Who wouldn’t want Mikasa by their side?

What we love about this body pillow is that on one side, it shows off her tough, bad-ass appearance, but on the other side, she gets to be normal and caring.

You can check out how this pillow looks IRL here.

2. Konosuba’s Megumin

Konosuba Megumin Body PIllow Pillow Case

We all know that Kono Suba has a best girl, and we all know that it’s Megumin.

Her explosive personality and hilarious antics are enough to captivate anyone’s heart.

That’s why when we saw this adorable body pillow of her, we knew we had to have it.

Like seriously, take all of our money.

3. Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Watanabe You

Love Live Sunshine Watanabe You body pillow pillow case

Who wouldn’t want to hug the beautiful and optimistic You Watanabe to sleep every night?

This body pillow is amazing because it features the Aqours idol outfit on You on one side, and her regular school uniform on the other.

It also captures her beautiful, cute personality so well.

You can check out how You’s body pillow looks IRL here.

4. Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Hanamaru Kunikida

Love Live Sunshine Hanamaru Body PIllow case

Hanamaru is an old spirit.

She needs a lot of reassuring since she gets teased so much for not being caught up with the day-to-day norms.

But she’s very thoughtful and caring. She just needs someone to re-assure her and comfort her when she’s feeling like she can’t live up to others’ expectations.

We love this body pillow because it features her adorable Aqours outfit and shows off her beautiful and sweet self.


5. No Game No Life’s Shiro

The blunt and super-smart Shiro.

She dons her crown as Queen of Elchia on this body pillow.

She also shows off her cute and adorable side here.

When Sora isn’t around, at least she’ll have you to take care of her.

6. Sword Art Online’s Yuuki Asuna

Yuuki Asuna Sword Art Online body pillow half naked

Another gamer girl who’s cute and kind to-boot. 

Yuuki Asuna won many hearts in Sword Art Online, with her prowess in combat, her determination to do the right thing, and her love and devotion towards her friends.

You can play the role of Kirito with Yuuki Asuna’s body pillow keeping you company at night.

Asuna’s body pillow looks gorgeous in person.

7. Re:Zero’s Rem

Rem maid outfit body pillow case

Oh Rem, one of the contenders (and a strong contender) for Re:Zero’s best girl.

We couldn’t help falling in love with her with each passing episode.

Seeing her open up and be so full of compassion and love, it makes having a body pillow of hers a no-brainer.

Subaru may not have chosen her to be his true love, but that didn’t stop the rest of us from treating her as our #1

The above body pillow is super sweet, but the version below is just as amazing.

Rem sleeping towel body pillow case

8. Re:Zero’s Emilia

ReZero Emilia body pillow case

The beautiful, considerate, and selfless Emilia.

She goes out of her way take care of others, whether it’s fending off bandits to save a stranger, helping a lost girl find her parents, or offering her mansion as a safe haven for her villagers.

She’s mistreated because of her similarities to Satella, the jealous witch, and because of that she doesn’t have much self-confidence.

That’s what makes this body pillow all the more endearing.

You could be the one to offer her reassurance and comfort.

9. Plastic Memories’ Isla

Isla Anime Body PIllow

The beautiful, kind, thoughtful, and clumsy Isla.

Her body pillow is a no-brainer for those of us who watched Plastic Memories.

She captured and destroyed many (probably all) of our hearts in that series.

This body pillow is a bit lewd. We love it though.