8 times Food Wars! made you reconsider that diet

8 Food Wars meals that make you want to reconsider that diet

I love food in anime.

It is definitely a guilty pleasure, so when Food Wars! premiered, I was all over it.

Every single episode, I wanted to just forget about things like calories and exercise and just stuff my face filled with whatever the cast cooked up.

Here are 8 scenes in Food Wars that made me want to rethink my diet.

1. Soma’s Gotcha Pork Roast

This scene was questionable to me because I love meat, and I don’t think I could possibly ever eat a substitute for it.

If I want a pork roast, it’d better be real pork and not like… vegetables.

But when Soma unveiled his Gotcha Pork Roast in this scene, enslaving all of the landsharks, it did make me want to reconsider my stance.

As soon as the main landshark lady bit into the dish, I could feel my taste buds flair up.

2. Soma and Megumi’s Beef Bourguignon

This scene was absolute perfection.

When the teacher pressed his fork against Soma and Megumi’s Beef Bourguignon and all the juices started flowing down, my stomach started screaming.

It looked so divine, and Soma taught us all that honey can be used to tenderize meat quickly.

There’s a lot to take in from this scene, and it’s well worth it.

3. Soma’s Chiliapin Steak Don

I love donburi.

I think all types of meat dishes taste even better when accompanied by white rice.

When Soma revealed his Chiliapin Steak Don, I was in love.

I wanted to run to my nearest Asian take-out restaurant to eat something that would only be remotely similar.

4. Erina’s Eggs Benedict

We finally get to see Erina in action in this scene.

I love brunch. I love everything about brunch.

So when it was revealed that Erina’s dish for this competition was Eggs Benedict, I wanted to cry.

Everything looked so delicious; the English muffin, the oozing, poached egg, the bacon, and the dried mullet roe powder (something I would love to try on my Eggs Benedict one day).

5. Soma’s Nori Bento

Soma’s Nori Bento Box meal was prepared so well.

I can’t find any traditional-style bento box meals for sale around where I live, so I have to live vicariously through these food judges.

When the first judge bit so deliciously into his fried fish cake, my stomach reacted.

Everything else looked amazing too; the fried cod, the soup, the rice with nori…

Why do I keep watching this show when I’m hungry?

6. Ryo and Megumi’s Ramen Wars

Ever since Naruto introduced me to Ramen, I’ve been in love with it.

That’s why I was so in love when this scene appeared.

The Ramen competition between Ryo and Megumi was amazing.

I hope to one day enjoy Ramen as delicious as theirs.

7. Soma’s Omelette Souffle Performance

An Egg Souffle, what a novel idea.

It was a little disheartening to see Soma struggling at the beginning of this competition, but he quickly thought of a solution.

The entire time he was putting on a show and shelling out egg souffles, we were cheering for him.

We would have love to wrap our mouths around his breakfast dish.

8. Soma and Ikumi’s Sumire Karaage Roll

Although these two episodes were filler episodes, I loved them.

I didn’t know about Karaage, but now it’s all I ever want.

I love how Soma and Ikumi thought so creatively to infuse Vietnamese-style cooking into their dishes.

We would love to try Karaage stuffed in a Banh Xeo wrap.