7 motivational anime speeches that will change the way you think

7 motivational speeches that will blow your mind

There are many anime series out there that have amazing, mind-blowing speeches and monologues.

These speeches completely open up our minds and change the way we think.

They’re all very relatable too.

Here are 7 speeches from various anime series that I feel can really motivate you.

1. Gate – Rory Mercury dismantles a stuck-up councilwoman

Rory was magnificent in this scene.

During the hearing for the SDF, Rory comes to the groups’ defense and dismantles this woman’s ulterior motives.

All while condescendingly breaking her down.

I absolutely loved how Rory re-framed everyones’ minds. Instead of looking at the situation as if 1/4 of the refugees were killed, she made everyone see, instead, that 3/4 of the refugees were saved.

2. Angel Beats – Yuri says what most of us are thinking

I love Angel Beats. It always gets to me, especially the heart-wrenching scenes.

This scene with Yuri is one of those exceptional scenes in the series.

Most of us would probably love to live another life, one where we can probably be happy or happier.

But we can’t. We have to make do with what we got.

That’s why it was so inspiring when Yuri talks about how she will continue to fight because the life she has is unacceptable.

Something we should all aspire to do.

3. No Game No Life – Sora brings new meaning to the word “weak”

Sora and Shiro are now the King and Queen of Imanity.

All of their citizens are demoralized because of how weak humans are, but Sora changes their mindset.

He redefines what it means to be weak.

He inspires everyone, saying that the weak are capable of anything, because they have to do anything and everything to survive.

It was all very powerful and it definitely changed my viewpoint on what it means to be weak.

4. Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero – Maou defines what it is to be human

Maou is about to be stoned to death by the command of the church.

But she isn’t going to go down without giving everyone a piece of her mind.

She leads with the tragic story of her childhood, and then she inspires people to embrace the light and freedom that they are given.

She tells them to stop being insects that follow orders without believing in them.

It was a very powerful speech and something that we can all relate to in the real world.

5. Attack on Titan – Armin discovers his balls and changes everyones’ point of view.

Oh cowardly Armin.

His speech here was exceptionally powerful because he finally grew a pair and stood up for his friends.

He stopped an entire onslaught by speaking his unfiltered, passionate thoughts.

The odds were stacked highly against him, but he knew he had to go above and beyond to protect his friends.

6. Naruto: Shippuden – Pain proves that the “good” guys aren’t always so innocent

Oh man, while watching Naruto, I thought Pain was a crazy, evil, horrible villain.

But then I saw this scene.

It completely changed my view on him.

He made us see that from his point of view, he was the good guy.

The leaf village decimated his village and killed everyone he loved. So in his story, he was doing his own form of justice.

Heck, if the series was about him, we’d probably be rooting for him.

It was so mind-blowing how he made everyone see what he saw.

Even Naruto couldn’t come up with a rebuttal.

7. Log Horizon – William Massachusetts shows that anything you love (even if people think it’s stupid) matters.

Oh man, another speech that’s so, very relatable.

The entire raid in Log Horizon was demoralized after being defeated so many times.

Then William goes on a huge speech about how he (and all of them) were ridiculed because they loved video games instead of “normal” things.

He then asks what’s so wrong about loving the things that they love?

He repairs everyone’s destroyed spirits, and he makes them remember that they love being gamers and that they love being passionate about what they do.