7 anime series they need to add more seasons to

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Anime series usually have a good ending or a bad ending, but what about those that don’t get an ending at all?

They leave off on a cliffhanger and hype up the season that is yet to come.

While you may want more, who knows if you’re going to get it.

Here are 8 anime series that we feel need closure.

1. No Game No Life – Where’s the Final Game

No Game No Life

Once Sora and Shiro figure out they need to team up with the other races to take on Tet, the series stops.

They end up challenging Exceed Rank #1 “Old Deus” in the season 1 finale…

3 years later, everyone is still waiting for the game.  

2. Psycho-Pass – Criminals being Heroes


Inspector Akane’s crime coefficient has always been crystal clear, even until the very end. 

But what does she start to think about when the Sibyl System’s crime coefficient can be affected? 

Mika, being the new inspector, finds herself committing betrayal.

But never do we see her coefficient. 

Maybe if we get a new season, we’ll find out.

3. The Devil is a Part-Timer! – The Devil in Modern Day Tokyo

The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Does Emi, Sadao, and his generals ever go back to the their own world to resume their old lives?

Or Does Emi forget about defeating Sadao and develop feelings for her arch nemesis?

Will they continue to work part-time jobs? 

Sometimes we need more seasons in order to find all the answers.

 4. Noragami – A God Trying to Make Money


Now that Ebisu is reincarnated, does his past ideals and habits ever come back to the Child Ebisu?

Yato’s father comes into possession with Ebisu’s Locution Brush.

What does that mean to Yato and his crew?

Will Yato remain as a God of Fortune, or will he ever return to his roots and bring calamity?

5. The Irregular at Magic High school – How is this Muggle so Strong?

The Irregular at Magic High School

Scorched Halloween, the day that magic was proven to have surpassed mechanical, nuclear, and biological arms.

Will Tatsuya and his gang go back to normal after show casing so much of his abilities?

What is the relationship between of Miyuki, Tatsuya and their aunt?

The world can only know if we get more seasons. 

6. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – The Harem of Zeus’ Grandson

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Bell, being one of the faster adventurers to get to rank 2, gains fame relatively quick.

We even find out that he is Zeus’ grandson after Hermes mentions it.

His potential is endless and his luck with the ladies is ever so great.

Will we ever see him grow more as an adventurer and a man, or will we just think about it?

 7. Hunter x Hunter – A 12-Year Old Traveling The World 

Hunter x Hunter

Throughout the whole series, you see a kid make friends, fight, and get stronger with each adventure on his journey to go find his father.

Once Gon has the opportunity to have a conversation with Gin, his father, they talk about exploring a new world.

When will this new world be explored?
Be sure to find out next time on Hunter x Hunter, if there is a next time.