7 anime fight scenes that had you on the edge

Hunter x Hunter Netero vs Meruem

There are always those fight scenes that take way too long to happen, but when they finally happen, you’re just sitting in awe and amazement.

The suspense, emotion, and build up to the fights always have you anxious.

Just know once you’ve seen these types of fights/scenes, you’ll be on YouTube watching these clips over and over again.

Here are 7 anime fight scenes that have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

1.Attack on Titan – Eren vs. Annie(Female Titan)

Attack on Titan- Eren vs Annie

After Annie decimates Erens group, Eren is filled with regret/anger and tries to rip into Annie.

Emphasis on tries.

2.Hunter X Hunter – Netero vs. Meruem

Hunter x Hunter Netero vs Meruem

One is the chairman of hunters the other is the king of chimera ants.

Which species will go extinct?

3.Naruto – Naruto vs. Sasuke 

Naruto- Naruto vs Sasuke

The ultimate best friends/lovers showdown.

Naruto and Sasuke duke it out to determine who’s going to be the alpha(Hokage).

Why don’t they just kiss already?

4.Fate/Stay Night – Saber & Archer vs. Berserker

Fate/Stay Night Saber & Archer vs Berserker

Fate/Stay Night Archer & Saber vs. Berserker

This entire fight scene was jaw-dropping and beautiful.

Berserker is pretty much a badass. Saber and Archer couldn’t even scratch him.

5.One Piece – Luffy vs. Doflamingo

One Piece - Luffy vs Doflamingo

The hype when Luffy shows off his fourth gear. He goes ape shit(literally) on Doflamingo.

Before his long training at Rusukaina, Luffy could barely phase Doflamingo. Now he’s just obliterating him.

6.Naruto – Kakashi vs. Obito

Naruto - Kakashi vs Obito

The hand-to-hand combat between old best friends is always epic.

This fight (and the flashbacks) was a huge rollercoaster of emotions.

Oh yeah, and Kakashi kills Obito’s lover.

7.Dragon Ball Super – Goku vs. Frieza 

Dragon Ball Super - Goku vs Frieza

The long awaited rematch between these two rivals.

It was well worth the wait.

Its so intense, especially when Goku goes in and bites Frieza’s tail.