5 heart-wrenching anime scenes that’ll murder your feels

Warning!!! Spoilers ahead if you couldn’t guess from the title.

Here are 5 of some of the most heart-wrenching, feels-murdering, life-pondering scenes in anime that I’ve come across in these past few years.

Now it might sound masochistic, but sometimes when I need a really good cry, I’ll revisit these clips just to get my emotions rolling.

Check them out too, and be sure to have a bunch of Kleenex handy.

1. Ano Hana – We Found You

This scene in Ano Hana alongside the ending song was just the perfect wombo-combo against my feels.

I was literally bawling my eyes out the entire time.

Especially when Menma started saying how she wanted to reincarnate so she could play with them all again.

I’m dead. I’m dying. What a great way to start off the day though, right?

2. Your Lie in April – The Final Duet

Now I saw this scene coming from a mile away (mainly because I watched this anime too late and everyone already spoiled it for me), but that didn’t stop the feels train from running me over and then going in reverse to make sure I was done.

The music is perfection and the entire scene was a work of art.

When Kaori leaves in a burst of flower petals, it was just over for me.

3. Plastic Memories – One Last Ride

This scene caught me off-guard.

I was just watching, thinking it was so cute that they were exchanging things they loved about each other…, and then bam.

Isla starts hitting him with the hard questions and then blindsides him with the deactivation ring.

I mean I knew how everything was going to end… I just thought they’d have more time.

4. Hunter x Hunter – Just One More Game

Oh Hunter x Hunter. Only you could take a character everyone hates and make us weep over him.

This whole scene with Meruem and Komugi playing their final game of Gungi together was excruciating.

It was so sweet how Meruem kept asking if Komugi was still there.

And the hand-holding. Oh my God, my feels.

5. Angel Beats – Everyone’s Gone

This scene alongside the OST insta-started my waterworks.

It was especially painful when it wasn’t apparent whether or not Otonashi passed on or not.

We didn’t want to think that he was left there all by himself.

Bonus: Gintama – Loyal to the End

This video definitely got to me, especially since I LOVE my dogs.

I could never imagine doing this to my dog, so this entire scene was so painful to watch.