12 Stories from Alphapolis' Romance Manga/Novel Label "Eternity Books" to Get TV Anime Adaptations



Japanese writer Alphapolis introduced right this moment that TV anime variations of 12 books from its romance novel/manga label “Eternity Books” are scheduled to be broadcast in Japan, underneath the title “Eternity – Shinya no Nurekoi Channel (Moist Love in Midnight),” from the autumn of 2020.


The 12 stand-alone episodes might be aired weekly on TOKYO MX’s midnight programming block. Animation Studio Seven (Holmes of Kyoto, Nobunaga Trainer’s Younger Bride) will work on anime manufacturing.


Concurrently the common version on TV, every episode’s “deluxe♡” version together with grownup scenes that may’t be aired on TV might be streamed solely on the “Eternity Books” official web site on a pay-per-view foundation.  



Episode record:


 1. “Kimi ga Suki dakara” (As a result of I Love You) – Mijyu Inoue

 2. “Dekiai Days” (Love Indulgence Days) – Maki Makihara

 3. “Aisareru nomo Shigoto no Uchi desuka!?” (Is It A A part of My Job to be Liked!?) – Subaru Kayano

 4. “Machikogareta Comfortable Finish” (The Comfortable Ending I have been Ready for) – Miki Kizakura

 5. “Noraneko wa Ai ni Oboreru” (A Stray Cat is in Love) – Jyuri Sakura

 6. “Bousou Suggest wa Gokuama-zitate” (The Runaway Suggest is Extraordinarily Candy) – Mayu Fuyuno

 7. “Purin no Tanaka-san wa Kedamono” (Pudding’s Tanaka-san is an Animal) – Zakku Yukito 

 8. “Reikoku CEO wa Hisho ni Oboreruka?” (Will a ruthless CEO drown in his secretary?) – Ruru Ruzuki

 9. “Soumu-bu no Maruyama-san, Ikemen Shacho ni Dekiai sareru” (Maruyama-san on the Normal Affairs Division is Doted upon by the Good-looking President) – Hiromi Arimitsu

 10. “152 centi 62 kiro no Koibito” (A Girlfriend who’s 152 cm and 62 kg) – Aoi Takakura

 11. “Watashi to Kare no Omiaijijyou” (My and His Matchmaking State of affairs) – Mao Yukimura

 12. “Yonbanme no Iinazuke Kouho” (The Fourth Fiancée Candidate) – Seiya Togashi



“Eternity – Shinya no Nurekoi Channel” brand:




アルファポリスの人気恋愛レーベル「エタニティブックス」が『エタニティ 〜深夜の濡恋ちゃんねる♡〜』と題し、12作品一挙アニメ化、TV放送決定❤️全12週の甘くときめく大人の恋愛をお楽しみに????????

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